Solvency certificate is one of most important credentials or ID of mandatory or obligatory by
bank for your economic proof to sustain(proof) your certificate also called Bank Solvency Certificate.
It is an official file/article which gives evidence of solvency. A solvency certificate is a verification
of solvency which means that the person’s property are more than his liabilities.This deed is issued by
a bank or economical liquidator. Because of students who desire to learning in a foreign country,
this documents is principally helpful for distribution to the universities at the same time as applying itself.

A solvency certificate also helps in the VISA conference where you might you capacity apply it as proof of
finances, but it is not suggested.

The procedure of solvency certificate has given followed:
1. Completed Application for given solvency certificate
2. Passport copy/NID
3. Current Accounts statements
4. Savings Accounts statements

Voluntary papers that you may include in Solvency amount:
1. Fixed deposits receipts copy
2. Community visionary fund account statement.
3. Living insurance policies
4. Reciprocated Funds
5. Shares or Stocks
6. Other investment policies
7. Gold (current valuation document)
8. Possessions or goods or flat.